What do mean by Handloom, Lab Dip, Strike off, and Knit down?

What do mean by Handloom, Lab Dip, Strike off, and Knit down?

Hand loom:

Handloom is very oldest word is the textile industry. Handloom is the weave cloth which is made by hand. Normally, hand weaving proceed on pit looms or frame looms in weaver home. It is the interlacing two set of yarn.

  • Wrap (Length).
  • Weft (Width).

Skill operate manually operate this. It is done without motor or electrical device. Skill operator powered weaving by hand. Skill operator provides tension on the warp threads & a hand loom enables the weaver to create cloth faster & more even weave. Some objectives in the below.

  • Less production capacity.
  • Poor fabric quality.
  • Production cost lower.
  • It shuttle looms are very slow & noisy.
  • Cannot create complex design.

Lab dip

Lab dip is the very important fabric swatch for merchandiser. Lap dip is the specimen of dyed fabric or yarns prepared for color approval. Lap dip is the initial stage of bulk fabric development. It is the represent of color approval. Normally, buyer send a small swatch to merchandiser for color approval. A merchandiser develops color lab dip from fabric mill. According to lab dip go to bulk production. With lap dip a merchandiser cannot approved the bulk production. Lap dip color verify by lighting box. Sometimes buyer give to supplier panton & color standard to match. Lab dip is the cutting swatch of original. In garments sector, generally it is made by 6X6 swatch. Lab dip submission form depend on buyer to buyer.

Strike off:

Strike off is the popular term in the garments industry. It is the development stage sourcing in the sample development. Normally, this term use for print fabric development or sourcing stage. Strike off is the small print color swatch approval from buyer. As per strike off a merchandiser develop base color of fabric. Strike off like as lab dip. Strike off is the piece of cloth to represent the bulk is called strike off. According to submission depend buyer to buyer.

Knit down:

Knit down is a small color cheek or stripe knit dyed fabric pattern is called knit down. Basically, buyer provide knit down swatch to supplier to develop this. According to color knit down a merchandiser develop this from fabric mill & send to approval develop knit down. It is the very import because it this approval represent the bulk fabric. And, submission depend on buyer to buyer.  Knit down using for knitted fabric & sweater in garments industry.


Md.Mahbub-Ul Islam

RMG Consultant & Researcher.



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