What is the automatic J Stitch machine?

What is the automatic J Stitch machine?

J-Sticth Machine

In garment sector every operation has different types of machine. Now garments industry grow up day by day. So the reason machine is update & added to garments industry. New technology give to us save time & money. Modern machine operate smooth operation & faster to make garments. It is gives to man effective & best efficiency production in garments industry. It is high rate productivity by automation machine. Automatic J stitch machine is one kind of them. As earlier garments industry used traditionally made J stitch by marking system. But now most of the modern factory use automatic J stitch machine. It is the more efficiency than manual. Its productivity rate is high. Skill operator set menu in machine & auto marking & make smoothly J stitch. This J stitch machine can production 240-360 per hour depend on fabric & style. Some of the feather of J stitch machine in the following.

  • Adopt high quality pattern sewer with shuttle hook and automatic thread trimmer as basic head.
  • Large stitching area, can reach to 300 x 238mm,
  • The movable pocket damp, over step motor, ensures the perfect pocket position. The position can be adjusted up to 0.1mm accuracy.
  • The pocket clamp speed is programmable, what can bring more satisfaction in using the unit with most different fabrics.
  • Automatic pocket stacking system.
  • All main electrical and pneumatic parts.

This J stitch machine apply to make parallel and unparalleled J-stitch for jeans, leisure trouser, and uniform and work pants.


Md.Mahbub-Ul Islam

 RMG Consultant & Reseracher


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