What is the difference between lock Stitch Machine & Chain Stitch machine ?

What is the difference between lock Stitch Machine & Chain Stitch machine ?

Lock stitch Machine:

Lock stitch machine is the popular machine is apparel Industry. Every manufacturing industry has lock stitch machine to make garments. Generally, lock stitch machine is mechanical stitch made by a sewing machine. The machine always save time consuming & faster the work. The lock stitch machine generally uses two threads an upper & lower. The stitch is lock the upper & lower threads when upper thread pass by lower thread. And they lock together each other in the whole of the fabric. Lock stitch machine make high quality garments.

Normally, there are two types of lock stitch machine.

  • Single Needle Lock stitch Machine
  • Double Needle Lock stitch Machine

A double needle lock stitch machine works on the same as the Single needle lock stitch machine Just it is using two needles and two bobbins instead of single needle & make two parallel rows of lock stitch.

Benefits of lock stitch machine:

  • Lock stitch machines are multi and can be used for a variety of operations.
  • The lock stitch uses least of thread and produces the smoothest stitch.
  • The double needle lock stitch is the tightest and most secure stitch.
  • It is the only stitch formation that can be back stitched if the ends need to be secured.
  • It is non-raveling.
  • Lies flat on the fabric.

Chain Stitch Machine:

Chain stitch machine is the important machine in garments industry. Chain stitch machine is the textile & garments sewing machine. Now modern age’s chain stitch machine make decorative stitch in garments & showing perfect combination. So chain stitch machine is the efficient & effective stitching embroidery logos & pattern make different clothing applications.Basically chain stitch machine make series of thread loops to make form a chain .Normally, chain stitch most of the use machine use in home for decorative & garments industry.

There are different types of chain stitch machine can see in industry.

  • 1- Needle chain stitch machine.
  • 2-Needle chain Stitch machine.
  • 3-Needle chain stitch machine.

Benefits of Chain stitching

There are no question technique in sewing, chain stitching is make for very high quality sewing quality. These type of stitches are able to strong together heavy clothing.

  • It make high quality.
  • It is effective & efficient for sewing.
  • Smoothie production.
  • Very secure & luster.


Md.Mahbub-Ul Islam

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