How to be a smart Quality Controller (QC) in Apparel Industry ?

How to be a smart Quality Controller (QC) in Apparel Industry ?


Quality control is the very important part in the Garments sector. Quality controller is the person who is maintain & check properly standard of a garments. Now a day’s garment is increasing as a science in apparel sector. Every buyer has own manual & clearly mention how to make product properly & should maintain standard quality. So, a quality controller maintains the quality as per manual. He develops SOP as per manual in factory. A quality controller keeps in touch product development to shipment because he should know the initial stage to end process. Otherwise, a quality controller cannot meet the quality every operation in garments. .Without quality a garments cannot maintain standard & cannot say that good quality. Every part of garments has quality. If any parts maintain not properly quality then it will be fail & not control of that parts for quality. Overall garments will be rejected after final inspection. So, every time every parts needs to be cheek properly otherwise, it will reject after final Inspection. A smart quality (QC) control is play vital role in garment industry. He has lot of responsibilities in the following.

  • Sample Quality

Every Buyer wants different types of sample. By the way, initial stage they want development sample.  A smart quality controller should cheek properly in the following.

  • Block pattern
  • Sample size.
  • Styling & Sewing
  • Washing & finishing.
  • Cheek properly as per approved or available fabric.
  • Cheek properly as per buyer approved trims.
  • Cheek sample tag & information.
  • Pre-Production.

Before bulk Production a smart quality controller should ensure & cheek in the following:

  • Cheek Bulk sample & bulk pattern.
  • Cheek marker & shrinkage.
  • Cheek fabric shade.
  • Cheek Styling, stitching, washing, finishing in size set sample as per approved sample.
  • Cheek approved trim card.
  • Fabric In-house Status.
  • Cheek fabric against approval.
  • Trims In-house Status.
  • Cheek against approved trims.
  • Cheek fabric Inspection report.
  • Discussion & explain to factory order related person.
  • Develop SOP in store as per manual.


Production stage is the very important process in garment processing. A quality controller should very careful during production stage because any parts operation wrongly sometimes it cannot recover. So a smart quality controller must care during production in the following.

  • Train up production related people about order.
  • Cheek Pilot Run sample.
  • Cheek Inline line.
  • Cheek Styling & stitching of every part.
  • Cheek Measurement.
  • Cheek fault identify.
  • Stitching SPI.
  • Develop SOP in Cutting & Production as per manual.


Finishing is the final stage of garments shipment. If any mistake quality buyer will claim after inspection their own warehouse. So a smart quality controller must be careful in this stage. He should maintain in the following.

  • Cheek properly washing as per approved sample.
  • Cheek fabric & trims as per approval.
  • Cheek Measurement & styling.
  • Properly cheek every parts of a garments body.
  • AQL inspection as per buyer standard.
  • Cheek Poly bag & carton against approval.
  • Cheek shipping mark.
  • Cheek packing & Folding Method.
  • Cheek critical Defect & list out of tolerance issue.
  • Cheek metal detector passes on garments.
  • Cheek moisture on garments.
  • Develop SOP finishing as per manual.


Md.Mahbub-Ul Islam

RMG Consultant & Researcher.

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