Why is the most important PP Meeting before Bulk Production?

Why is the most important PP Meeting before Bulk Production?


PP Meeting Means “Pre-Production meeting”. PP meeting is very important meeting before bulk production in garments Sector. Anyway, without proper PP meeting an order cannot execute perfectly that the reason this meeting is the most important for garments industry. Once a time a few can release the importance about PP meeting now in garments sector everybody knows the PP meeting importance before bulk production. After complete the PP meeting order related person happy to know all about information the order execution. So, most of the people easy understand after read this article.

Normally, PP meeting arrange by manufacturer or factory. But, sometimes it can be held on buying house or Liaison office. A merchandiser informs PP meeting schedule to all order related people. PP meeting held by a Quality controller (QC) in garments sector. A merchandiser arrange below items & information during PP meeting.

Who participant in PP meeting in the following.

  • Related Merchandiser.
  • Buyer QC.
  • Technical Manager.
  • Washing expert.
  • Store Manager.
  • Cutting manager.
  • Finishing manager.
  • Production Manager/GM/Director.
  • Factory QC.

What are important iterms needs during PP meeting in the following?

  • Sample(PP & Size set sample)
  • Approved Trims card.
  • Production file.
  • Fabric In-house status & Shrinkage report.
  • Trims In-house status.
  • Fabric dye lot.
  • Approval comments.
  • Washing approval comment & Wash approval sample.
  • Style

Every style has a PP meeting before bulk production. A style has below important information during PP meeting.

  1. How many order qty for particular style?
  2. Color wise qty.
  3. PO Sheet.
  4. Delivery date.
  • Sample:

Before bulk Production PP sample & size set is very important to show during PP meeting. And everybody wants to know about sample & below information.

  1. What type of garments?
  2. Cheek parts of garments body.
  3. Critical part operation analysis.
  4. Measurement.
  5. stitching.
  6. Washing.
  • Fabric

During PP meeting below information should be represent.

  1. Fabric Inspection report.
  2. Fabric shrinkage report.
  3. Fabric shade report.
  4. Maker & pattern information.
  • Trims

During PP meeting trims should be in-house & represent in the following.

  1. In-house trims against approval.
  2. What are trims use in garments body.
  • Production

During PP meeting a particular style discussion about below Points.

  1. How many line allocations.
  2. Pilot Run represent
  3. Inline Inspection date
  4. Sewing compete date.
  5. Washing & finishing date.
  • Finishing

A particular style discussion about below matters at finishing stage during PP meeting.

  1. When will start finishing?
  2. How many days to complete the finishing.
  3. Poly bag.
  4. Folding method.
  5. Carton measurement & packing method.
  6. Mixed /Non mixed shade


Md.Mahbub-Ul Islam

RMG Consultant & Researcher


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