15 Small Business ideas in RMG sector

15 Small Business ideas in RMG sector

Ready-made garments sector is now a profitable business in the world. It is the great success & most earning sector in this world. Moreover, some of the country had grown up their economic strength only do this business. Now, world is the looking different types of business through this sector. Most of the people want to start ready-made garments business but cannot start the business because they have no idea how they will start this type of business. So, I will explain some business ideas about RMG sector & it will helpful to start a new business for an entrepreneur. After read this article everybody can easily understand & start a new business in the RMG sector in the following.
1.Small factory set up:

Basically, you can start a small garments manufacturing factory. So, you can operate easily based on your personal experience. Before start this business you have to understand & analysis business plan so you can easily & quickly earn more money from this business. You have to sell you garments product on your area or particular market. You can produce uniform like as school, hotel, hospital & corporate uniform.
2.Emboidery unit:

You can start embroidery business. Based on small investment you can easily start this type of business. You can buy 2nd hand machine or credit purchase from china. You can get order from garments manufacturer & also get from local market. As an entrepreneur you will earn more profit from this business.
3.Printing Unit:

You can also start printing business. This business is the more profitable & demandable in the market. As a small investment you can buy machine from china or 2nd machine. You can print woven & knit on garments like as woven pant & shirt or T-shirt & polo shirt. You can get order from garments manufacturer.
4.Washing plant:

Ready-made garments sector is changing rapidly because it is always create value & demand on fashionable market. Now a day, wash can change the effect of garments that the reason washing plant is very import to set up for RMG business. So, you can start a small washing plant. You will more earn from washing plant. You can buy 2nd hand washing machine from locally or china. You also get order from garments manufacturer. Now, washing plant business is miracle profitable business in RMG sector.
5.Sub-Contract business:

You can rent or set up small factory for sub-contract business. Moreover, you can get order from domestic brand or different buying house when needed more capacity. On the other hand, maximum big manufacturer take order more than capacity because their business relationship. They will do sub-contract with small factory. So, small factory set up or little bit of investment you can earn more money from this sub contract business.
6.Clothing store:

Clothing retail store is more profitable & market demandable business in RMG sector. Now everybody wants to establish their own brand value. So, you can open a retail shop in your city or beside the street. And also you can build up your own brand cloth in the market.
7.Surplus garments retail store:

You can start this surplus garment business in retail shop. In addition, you can collect surplus garments from manufacturer and then you can sell this in your retail shop. On the other hand, you can buy stock fabric with lower price & make the garment from stock fabric & sale in your store. It is also good profitable business. Now a day, a small investment you can earn more profit.
8.Stock lot business:

You can also start stock lot business. if you have spare time you can buy discount or lower price garment from manufacturer & export all over the world. You can also sale local market. This is the more profitable & great earning source.
9.Buying House:

You can start buying house business. Moreover, a small investment you can start this type of business. You can source customer all over the world & place order to manufacturer. And also take legally permission from government. You can set up a small buying house in commercial area or business house in city or near manufacturer area.

It is the IT base services in RMG sector. Enterprise Resource software is one of the great profitable businesses in RMG sector because every manufacturer company set up ERP system for properly operation. So, you can make ERP software based on manufacturer company demand .You can develop software & sale your RMG manufacturer company.
11.Consultant firm:

Consultant firm will be one of the profitable businesses in RMG sector. But, now a day it is not demandable in the RMG market &  once time it will be create more value .Your expertise use in real life & day to day operation in RMG Manufacturer Company. You can identify & solve the problem in the particular field.
12.Twill & Elastic Tape factory.

You can start twill & elastic tape factory. A small investment you can easily establish this type of business. You can easily sell twill & elastic tape in garment manufacturing industry. Moreover, you can buy machine 2nd hand or credit buy from china. it is also more profitable.
13.Finishing factory:

Finishing factory is one of the profitable businesses in RMG sector. You can start small finishing house & take order from manufacturer or local market to finish the garments.
14.Poly & Carton factory:

Poly & carton factory is the demandable or more earning business in RMG sector because without poly & carton no goods ship out in the world. So, Manufacturer Company needs poly & carton for their export goods. That the reason, you can start carton & poly factory business.
15 Creative House:

You can start creative house with a small investment. Moreover, you can hire some designers to make different types of fashion or creative design on garment then sell into market. You can show your design to buyer then buyer will take your design. That the reason, it is the great business idea in RMG sector.


Md.Mahbub-Ul Islam

RMG Consultant & Researcher


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