How to calculate fabric GSM without GSM Cutter Machine?

How to calculate fabric GSM without GSM Cutter Machine?

GSM is the very important part in knit garments in apparel industry. We cannot consumption of knit garment without GSM knowledge. If we know GSM of the fabric then we will calculate the consumption of knit garments. First of all, GSM means the “Gram Per Square Meter”. Simply, we can say that weight of the fabric. So, GSM known as gm/2.Moreover, it is the metric measurement weight of the fabric. It is also parameter of knit fabric. It is controlled by loop length. If loop length increase then GSM will be decrease. After read this article everybody can easily understand calculate the fabric GSM.

There are two methods the calculation of fabric GSM in the following.

  • GSM calculation with GSM cutter machine.
  • GSM calculation without GSM cutter machine.


  • GSM calculate without GSM cutter machine.

Normally, garments merchandiser order place to knitting section as per buyer requirement. Buyer mentions the fabric GSM. But, they do not know properly how to measure the fabric GSM. We should know how to measure fabric GSM without GSM cutter machine. If we have proper idea about GSM measure then it will be helpful for merchandising in Garments sector.


  • Please cut 5 swatches from different place of the fabric.
  • Please weight all cut swatches fabric & calculates average weight.
  • Please multiply average weight of swatches by 100 to calculate GSM of the fabric.

Note: Area of round GSM cutter is 1/100 square meter.


Average Weight= (1.4gm+1.5gm+1.3gm+1.80gm+1.60gm) /5

=1.52 gm

Now, we have to multiply the average weight by 100 to calculate actual GSM.

So, we can calculate

GSM=Average weight of cutting swatchX100



Finally, we can say that the fabric GSM is 152


Md.Mahbub-Ul Islam

RMG Consultant & Researcher

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