Why need pilot run before bulk production in garments industry ?

Why need pilot run before bulk production in garments industry ?

Pilot run name as trial production in garments. Moreover, it is very important part before bulk production. It is done after PP sample approval & before bulk cutting. Before bulk cutting if all is correct then get approval for bulk cutting. According to buyer advice pilot run should be maintain before bulk cutting. It is the test production. Normally, garments manufacturer cut approx 200-300 pcs for trial production for every order or style. Pilot run cut based on PP comments. All trial order treated as mini production & cheek properly before bulk cutting. Factory must follow procedure of production otherwise bulk production will not perfectly.
Importance of Pilot Run before Bulk Production
1. to cheek quality requirements as per buyer standard.
2. Production techniques to be done in this stage.
3. Pilot run pieces are carefully checked by factory quality department at every stage of production
4. Based on pilot run production bulk production is planned.
5. It is done for all size, color and style of garments.
6. Actual machines (sewing) are setting up for pilot run.
7. Pilot run can minimize production time.
8. Can correct wrong action which can decrease bulk production.
9. Production team learns about the initial operation.
10. Bottleneck problems are identified and resolved in this stage.
11. Re- checking of needed row materials.
12. Re- planning additional process.
13. Maintaining WIP in production time.
14. Testing areas and equipment in this process.
15. Identified failure modes and production issues.
16. Control all the process and final steps before bulk production. It is done for 200-300garments pieces.
17. Find out the operation time line.
18. It helps increase productivity.

Carefully think while making pilot run
  1.Pilot run must be proceeding on production line.
  2.All sizes and all colors must make in pilot run.
  3.Pilot run cheeked by buyer QA before factory QA.
  4.Pilot run comments apply to bulk production.

If pilot run not perform in factory it can be many mistake in bulk production. Every style needs test production before bulk cutting for perfectly execution.


Md.Mahbub-Ul Islam

RMG Consultant & Researcher

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