What is Ozone wash in garments ?

What is Ozone wash in garments ?

What is Ozone & Ozone Wash?
Ozone is oxygen (O2) with an extra atom of oxygen attached thus forming O3. Ozone is formed naturally during a lightning storm. The creation of ozone is nature’s way of purifying the atmosphere and is what gives clothesline dried linen that ‘‘fresh air’’ smell.

Ozone wash is modern technology and used to change color after washing. Normal washing needs water, chemicals, time and mechanical action to wash but ozone wash replaces all those things in wet washing and saves energy and resources. It uses oxygen gas and makes ozone gas for the process.

Using this method, the garment can be bleached. Bleaching of denim garment is done in a washing machine with ozone dissolved in water. Denim garments can also be bleached or faded by using ozone gas in a closed chamber.

Control Parameters:

  1. Ozone gas concentration.
  2. Moisture content.
  3. Time of expose to ozone.
  4. Pressure.

Method of ozone wash:

  1. Ozone machine converts the oxygen gas into ozone gas.
  2. The garments to be washed, thrown to the ozone machine and run the machine.
  3. After some time, the garment is checked whether it matches with the desired effect or not.
  4. Finally effect is visible.

Advantage of ozone wash:

  1. It Saves chemicals, water, time and wash cycle.
  2. Change shade without any wet process.
  3. Strength of fabric remains same as before.
  4. Clean the surface of tinted garments.
  5. Used for changing light shade.
  6. Remove back stain from garments.
  7. Creates same effect as bleaching wash.
  8. Better working environment for workers.
  9. Used as purifier.
  10. Eco-friendly as it does not discharge any hazardous gas.
  11. Color removal is possible without losing strength.
  12. This method is simple and environmentally friendly because after laundering, ozonized water can easily be deozonized by UV radiation.
  13. Huge labor Savings.

Md.Mahbub-Ul Islam

RMG Consultant & Researcher

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