“GPQ” Duties & Responsibilities

“GPQ” Duties & Responsibilities


The full form of “GPQ” is the “Guideline for Production and Quality” Control. Quality required to be implemented in the Garment Factory through GPQ. Usually, GPQ acts as the helping hand of the buyer QC. Moreover, best product quality and final inspection confirmed by GPQ. In a factory there are many buyers each buyer has a different GPQ.


Duties and Responsibilities of “GPQ”

1. Arranging a meeting with the buyer QC and giving the necessary tasks for the PP meeting.
2. Follow up quality requirement in Cutting, Sewing and finishing in factory.
3. To follow up as per buyer’s quality sample. To ensure sample quality and timely delivery to the buyer.
4. Checking all the quality points especially in Garments Sewing to Finish.
5. To ensure Section Wise Quality Inspection.
6. The last message of the buyer regarding quality control is reported in the related section.
7. To ensure product quality before final inspection.
8. Arrange & approved file before inspection.
9. Ensure everything in the QC file.
10. Ensure Sample Approval from Buying House.
11. Communicate Buyer QC with quality issue.
12. Implement to buyer quality control manual in garment factory (all Section).
13. Work as a representative of Buyer QC in a Garment Factory.


Md.Mahbub-Ul Islam

RMG Consultant & Researcher

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